This is a phrase repeated a thousand times among young engineers and not so young. When I hear it I wonder if, in fact, I have never done an engineer. It is true that many years ago I signed some boilers and even the segregation of some warehouses, but I do not remember that.

To do of engineer not mean to sign engineering projects, sometimes not make plans, but what we understand very well are the plans of engineers.

The life of an engineer is a constant search for improvement in everything around him, it is an attitude. Engineers have the ability to solve problems with many variables and too little data.

AQPE certifies the professional competence of engineers and none was asked to prove that it has signed projects for certification. Instead it required to have applied the concepts of engineering in an ethical and sustainable way and to demonstrate the ability to plan, lead and manage resources, among other things.

There are many definitions of what is an engineer but I like one very short that says:

“An engineer is a responsible citizen who uses science and technology to improve the welfare of society in general”

You can’t say clearer … I think

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Director de la AQPE