While at university we learn and study, however true learning doesn’t start until the moment in which we incorporate ourselves in the workplace. And while a degree certifies knowledge, it doesn’t certify experience, competencies, nor skills. These are acquired and improved during the performance of a profession.

Initial studies do not include the permanent and indispensable knowledge update in each work area either. This is the mission of the specialized certification agencies which, historically, have been doing this task in many countries surrounding us and, more recently, in Spain as well.

The administration has realized that it needs to have guarantees of professionalism when hiring companies, the experience level and technical competencies of which are at the same level of each project. In this same line, new European directives are being added in the procedures of public bidding.

MICAELA DOS RAMOS – General manager of Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers KIVI

FRANCESC GONZÁLEZ – General manager of AQPE – Agency for the Qualification of Professional Engineers