Competency certification is the way historically undertaken by pioneering countries such as Great Britain, France or the United States to identify the best professionals in their field, accompanying them in their careers and in the different stages of their professional lives.

In the case of the AQPE, these stages are reflected in the levels of competences: Professional, Senior or Expert.

AQPE, the certification agency constituted by fifteen professional associations and associations of Engineering, has been issuing the PEQ certificates for a few years, but as a result of its agreement with AIPE, Association of Professional Engineers of Spain, formalized in 2016, an identification AQPE/AIPE common element was needed for our certified engineers.

This element has arrived in the form of the PE brand, Professional Engineer, granted either by AQPE or AIPE and that the certified engineers can display in their professional documentation accompanied by the personalized and numbered individual seal that accredit that they are in brand possession.

PE marks accompanied by the personalized accreditation seal

The professional world, companies and the administration must begin to familiarize themselves with these identifications that distinguish the best professionals, ensuring that their actions, besides being ethical, sustainable and respectful, guarantee the best fulfilment of the expectations as regards the costs, terms and quality, not only that required in the delivery of their work but also in the long term, something not so easy to detect at that time.

In the case, very usual, of engineers developing more generalist activities, it is good to remember that the brand also accredits its competences in terms of communication, leadership, planning or resource management.