Recently, a survey directed to the collective of Members of the AQPE was made aiming to identify the main motives that encourage the certification of a Professional Engineer.

We could think that the fact that you can benefit from an important discount in some civil responsibility policies, the fact that you are provided with a QR code that allows professional identification within the same AQPE webpage, the counseling throughout the professional career or the perspective that soon this certification can become an achievement in the proceedings of public work biddings, would be the main motors of certification.

Luckily, this elements, though important and, we could say, somewhat pragmatic, have situated themselves far from others, such as the fact that certification adds “value”, distinguishes the best professionals, boosts the Curriculum Vitae or is an international endorsement  thanks to the agreements signed with Professional Engineering  associations of France and the Netherlands, and soon of Italy.

As we see, this elements of “value”, “distinction” or “internationalization”,


in a way more generalized and abstract, are the ones that truly move professionals towards certification, as we live in a highly competitive and globalized world in which professional competences are each time more valued by corporations and public administrations, as they are the only ones that guarantee true quality, sustainability and the ethics of the performances in detriment of the most short-layered price-wise and immediate-result based policies.