Two years ago, he began in Barcelona, ​​in the 1st International Forum on Professional Engineer, a process that had a continuity in Toulouse 2018 and Rome 2019, and that has taken shape this December in The Hague by agreeing to the imminent constitution of the ” Alliance for the Mutual Recovery of Certification of Enginneering Competencies, abbreviated ENGINET, a common area of ​​European certification companies to work together towards a unique model of competency certification.

The countries that make up this alliance are Holland, France, Portugal, Italy and Spain, and it is expected that Germany and Britain will join in very soon.

For the moment, this process is concrete in different recognition agreements such as those that AQPE has signed with engineer certification organizations in France, Holland or Italy, according to which a Professional Engineer certified by AQPE is recognized such as an IPF (Ingénieur professionnel de France), a Chartered or a Dutch Incorporated or an Italian Certing or Certing Advanced.

The objective is to improve international mobility by placing as professionals in the same plan all certified engineers or engineers for each of the different organizations, ahead of official and administrative provisions, still in force in many of the regulated countries, such as ours .

This is a giant step so that our engineers, regardless of their title, are recognized in all those countries where certification is demanded by companies and organizations as a guarantee of professional solvency beyond the knowledge and putting in value the Experience, skills, communication skills, leadership, resource management, or sustainable practices and professional ethics.