At the meeting of the patronage of AQPE last December 10 agreed the admission of CPEIG (Colexio Profesional Enxeñaría in Computer of Galicia) as Lead Member of the Private Foundation Agency of Qualification of Professional Engineering (AQPE) and extended the admission agreement as Lead Member for all Computer Engineering Schools in Spain who have the will to do so.

The Professional College of Engineering in Computer Galicia (CPEIG – Colexio Professional Enxeñaría in Computer Galicia) requested incorporated as Lead Member of the Private Foundation Agency of Qualification of Professional Engineering (AQPE), by requesting that Mr. Juan José González Cid, secretary of CPEIG, sent to the Patronage of AQPE last December 9, proposing Mr. Fernando Suarez Lorenzo, President of CPEIG, representing the AQPE.

At the meeting of the patronage of AQPE last December 10 was also agreed appointment as Member of the Patronage Mr. Marius Albert Gomez Cazorla, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering in Computer of Catalonia and Second Vice President of General Council of Professional Computer Engineering.

General Council of Professional Computer Engineering

The AQPE Private Foundation’s corporate objective quality engineering, promoting, planning and ensuring excellence and good practice exercise of their professional, through the qualification of engineering professionals in terms of accredited knowledge and the proven professional experience in different specialties, encouraging voluntary and frequent evaluation, promotion among professional quality, environmental sustainability and best practices, working with companies and governments, and the study and active participation in national systems and international evaluation and qualification of professionals and promoting international convergence of these systems in the European and global context.

The certificate PEQ (Professional Engineer) issuing AQPE supports the competence level obtained by the professional engineer who submits the assessment procedure applied by the professional college and sanctioned by the Committee on Professional Qualification AQPE. In contrast, in complementation, university degrees, evidencing training which enables for a profession, through the PEQ certified skills that professionals in the fields where have exercised and thus accurate information offered is credited , accurate and fair, businesses and society on the professional experience of engineers.

CPEIG (Colexio Profesional de Enxeñaría en Informática de Galicia) is a public corporation with its own legal personality, with the purpose of ensuring that the performance and the performance of the profession of engineering in computer to respond to the interests and needs of society, and especially to ensure compliance with good practice and ethical obligations. Its territory is the amount of the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) is a private foundation that aims certification of professional engineers in terms of accredited professional knowledge and experience in different specialties, ranked areas for action, according to certification procedures objective and standardized, and the promotion of mainly European international convergence, the rating systems used and their mutual recognition.