On Tuesday, April 14, at the headquarters of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, the first meeting ConnectiENG was held where the collective under 35 years of the Association and the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia met in an informal ceremony with the aim of enhancing the professional contact.

In the event was informed the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, as thanks to the loyalty of young collective inviting them to get totally free professional certified Member of AQPE*, so you can be your tool for the future to certify their experience and qualifications, with the desire to keep up with continuing education and develop their own engineering skills.

The event consisted of two Conference Talks: first by the CEO of BIID, Carles Grau Lara who gave advice to young people from their own experience and stated that “apart from communication with your employees, ensure that you have the quality time to listen to your people is essential. “It is very important work, but mostly work on what you like. The second intervention was the engineers David Arbenig and Albert Prats from Geneva NUT, Gin from Empordà. During the conversation they discussed the success factors gin NUT and the case of entrepreneurship, “told us we were crazy to create one of the few distilleries territory.”

After the speeches, there was a monologue titled “I’m not an engineer” by the comedian Ruben Ramirez speaking engineers and profession putting the friendliest ingredient in the act.

The meeting ended with a ConnectiENG Drink Corner where all young engineers’ attendees had the opportunity to exchange views and experiences in a more informal way.

News of Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya

Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya through the Association and the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, two different but institutionally linked entities, represents the professional group of Catalan industrial engineering with the functions of ordering the exercise of the profession, ensure that work ethically defend the rights of people engaged in industrial engineering, advise the public administration, individuals and own collegiate, organize scientific, technical, economic, social and cultural activities related to the sector and promote research.

AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) is a private foundation that aims certification of professional engineers in terms of accredited professional knowledge and experience in different specialties, ranked in areas of action, according to certification procedures objective and standardized, and the promotion of mainly European international convergence, the rating systems used and their mutual recognition.