Persons’ certification?

The need to demonstrate the ability of a professional in a given field has led many companies to evaluate the certification of persons. Countries like USA, UK, France and Germany have largely developed by the international standard ISO 17024.

Presentation of the AQPE to Direction of Information Technology of Banco Sabadell

The Direction of Information Technology of Banco Sabadell, represented by Pedro Cardona-Vilaplana, Chief Information Officer at Banco Sabadell, and Susana Pelles, Director HR Services for Business Information Systems (BSIS), has received the AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) represented by Antonio Molina, General Director, and Miquel Boix, representing of the Col·legi Oficial d’Enginyeria en […] has signed an agreement of collaboration with AQPE and AQPE have signed an agreement of collaboration to facilitate and favour the certification PEQ (Professional Engineer) between his engineers by the value added that reports, so much to national level and international. The agreement was signed the past 8th of April, formalizing in this way the agreement that already began  to execute with […]

Presentation of certificate PEQ Water engineers Segarra Garrigues

In compliance with the agreement between ASG and EPQA was made on March 13 in Tarrega presentation of the certificate of Professional Engineer EPQA  (certified PEQ) to raise awareness, facilitate and encourage the professional certification between their engineers. By ASG was attended by the Managing Director Miguel Galvarriato Serra, Technical Director, Javier del Estal Malillos, […]

Presentation of PE Certificate of AQPE to

On Friday, February 14 was made up the presentation to of the PE (Professional Engineer) AQPE certificate  of its engineers to implement the agreement signed between the two entities. and AQPE have signed an agreement to facilitate and encourage PEQ certification between its engineers for value reporting, both nationally and internationally, having a team of […]

AQPE certificate ceremony for the engineers of AQUALOGY

On 19 July, the Labour headquarters hosted the Promotion Ceremony AQPE certified engineers AQUALOGY. Over a hundred people attended the event, which included speeches by Josep Manuel Basañez, vice president of Development Labour Joan Vallvé, AQPE president, Josep Oriol, vice president, and Manuel Cermerón, CEO of ‘AQUALOGY. Pere Torres, Secretary of Business and Competitiveness of […]

The Professional Qualifications Committee of AQPE

The Professional Qualifications Committee is the organ of the Agency responsible for sanctioning qualifications of skills applicants of engineers and issue certificates. It consists of renowned professionals in a limited but sufficient to cover the spectrum of performance engineers. Eventually may invite other members or incorporate specific areas.

Constituted the Catalan Foundation AQPE

The patronate of the Catalan Foundation Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers (AQPE) comprises ten patterns, two patterns for each of the five founding organizations: the Association of Agricultural Engineers of Catalonia, Association of Engineers Civil Ports – Catalonia, the Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, the Association of Catalonia and the Engineering College of […]

Conclusions from the I Engineering Forum

Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers (AQPE) is a foundation whose main purpose is the classification of engineering professionals in terms of knowledge and professional experience borrowers in different fields (fields of action ) segonsprocediments and standardized certification objectives.