Marc Queralt: “the AQPE certification guarantees and reinforces my CV”

Marc Queralt i Bassa, who professionally presented as “computer engineer, MBA and Master in Digital Marketing, that program as angels and has vision of enterprise”, is certified “PEQ Professional Engineer AQPE Area” with the category “Engineer Professional Senior-Fellow” in the area of “information systems”. Value AQPE certification because they are the engineers themselves who have decided as a group what is […]

The AQPE in the 21st Night of Telecommunications and IT

About 900 professionals and representatives of business, administration, organizations and institutions in the world of telecommunications and information technology came together on February 18 at the Auditorium of Barcelona in the course of which he is the first major meeting of the year in the ICT sector, just a few days of Mobile World Congress.

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It is a pleasure to welcome professionals of Engineering when they become MEMBER of AQPE, especially by the great success that has meant the end of year campaign, which has exceeded the most optimistic predictions.

AQPE presents PEQ certificate to ASINCA

The Association of Independent Engineering and Consulting Companies of Catalonia (ASINCA), represented by its President, Mr. Josep Tunic Buira, in early August received a delegation from the AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) formed by the Director General Mr. Francesc Gonzalez and Secretary General Mr. Antoni Molina, to try on certification of professional engineers […]

Constituted the Committee of Certification Scheme in Engineering AQPE

Scheme Committee is an organ promoted by the AQPE, which are represented parties affected by the certification of Professional Engineers: companies / customers, management, and engineering professionals. To ensure impartiality in the process of certification, the Scheme Committee is created which is constituted of persons representing interested parties in the certification process to ensure the […]

Agreement between AIGCM and AQPE for professional certification Engineers

Geologists Engineers Association of the Community of Madrid (AIGCM), has reached an agreement in principle with the AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) to access to the scheme professional certification engineers PEQ on favorable terms.

Presentation of AQPE to the Catalan Fire Safety Cluster (CLUSIC)

The Catalan Fire Safety Cluster (CLUSIC), represented by his President, Mr. Pau Gavarró, received the past 2nd of July a delegation of the AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) formed by his General Director, Mr. Antoni Molina and Mrs. Isabel Castillejo of the Col·legi Oficial d’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya.

Presentation and pilot ePEQ Member of AQPE

On Thursday March 26th at the seat of the College of Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports of Catalonia has made the presentation and pilot computing platform that allows for the application, processing and management of PEQ certification of AQPE through testing Internet, thus initiating the mechanization of the certification process to facilitate and expedite service […]