AQPE in conference of new technologies and road safety

The Pompeu Fabra Auditorium of the Barcelona headquarters of Industrial Engineers hosted, last February, the conference of ‘New technologies and road safety’, where several experts have given their views on transport and technological innovations that can be implemented to reduce accidents and fatalities.

AQPE, a tool of national and international accreditation for Companies and Professionals

Companies need to demonstrate “value” is the quality of the product, service, or people who work in them and among these people we refer to those skilled in general and engineers in particular, because they are the raison for being of AQPE: the Agency for professional qualifications of engineers.

The AQPE in the 21st Night of Telecommunications and IT

About 900 professionals and representatives of business, administration, organizations and institutions in the world of telecommunications and information technology came together on February 18 at the Auditorium of Barcelona in the course of which he is the first major meeting of the year in the ICT sector, just a few days of Mobile World Congress.

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We are delighted to have you in the AQPE You’re already MEMBER of AQPE. You are part of thousands of engineering professionals to exchange knowledge and share benefits. So far you’ve had a chance to do it for free. From this moment, it is a paid service … but not for you. For being the […]

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Be registered in the AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) provides access to the private area of the agency to start PEQ (Professional Engineer) certification  and receive information, advice and support on engineering professional certifications. Register at the AQPE is a free service.

Welcome to area of professionals engineering

It is a pleasure to welcome professionals of Engineering when they become MEMBER of AQPE, especially by the great success that has meant the end of year campaign, which has exceeded the most optimistic predictions.

AQPE presents PEQ certificate to ASINCA

The Association of Independent Engineering and Consulting Companies of Catalonia (ASINCA), represented by its President, Mr. Josep Tunic Buira, in early August received a delegation from the AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) formed by the Director General Mr. Francesc Gonzalez and Secretary General Mr. Antoni Molina, to try on certification of professional engineers […]

Francesc Gonzalez Navarro appointed Director General AQPE

The board of AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) met on July 14 approved the appointment of Francesc González Navarro as Managing Director of the Foundation in order to promote and consolidate the certification of professionals engineering.

Constituted the Committee of Certification Scheme in Engineering AQPE

Scheme Committee is an organ promoted by the AQPE, which are represented parties affected by the certification of Professional Engineers: companies / customers, management, and engineering professionals. To ensure impartiality in the process of certification, the Scheme Committee is created which is constituted of persons representing interested parties in the certification process to ensure the […]