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Having a LinkedIn profile is one of the best cards of professional presentation on Internet and is one of the most current platforms for business and strategic alliances. Linkedin profile is aimed at maintaining the summary of experience and professional achievements.

LinkedIn should be used strictly for the professional scope, special attention to profile to keep always updated and complete. Be active, get involved by answering questions or making comments that demonstrate competence in your area of ​​expertise.

Participate and join professional reference groups, sharing your knowledge with others. The key is the attitude and the best policy is honesty, never lies or exaggerates on experiences and achievements.

Follow AQPE on LinkedIn can help you to improve your professional identity on the Internet and keep in touch with other engineering professionals and customers in the areas of your expertise. You can boost your career discovering career opportunities, business deals and new companies. It will help to provide information and share news and reports that you need to distinguish in your work.