The agreement between AQPE and SNIPF has been signed for the mutual recognition of certifications of professional engineers

On October 25, in the framework of La 6ène Nuit de L’ingénierie at the salon SIANE in Toulouse, an agreement between AQPE i SNIPF (Société Nationale des Ingénieurs Professionnels de France) ws signed, recognizing each other as regards the quality and rigor of the respective procedures of Professional Certification of Engineers.

The agreement provides that certified Engineers in any of the organizations can be admitted directly as a Member of the other. This means that any Certified PE Professional Engineer for AQPE can register as “SNIPF Member”, and at the same time any IPF, Ingenieur Professionnel de France, certified by SNIPF, who can request it, can give up Registered as AQPE’s “International Member”.

In parallel, the processes of rapprochement and recognition with the Chartered and Incorporated Engineers of The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI, the Netherlands) and the Cert-Ing de Agenzia Nazionale per la Certificazione Volontaria delle Competenze degli Ingegneri (Italy) continue up.

Following with the dynamics that we started at the 1st International Forum on Professional Engineering in Barcelona, ​​in 2018, the 2nd Forum will be held in France.

We continue to move towards the creation of the common European certification area.

Christian Gérault, president of SNIPF, and Francesc González, director of AQPE, signing the agreement of recognition between the certified AQPE and IPF Members.