Signing of the Mutual Recognition Agreement of the AQPE Professional Engineers in Italy

On February 26, 2019, the Agenzia Nazionale for the Certification Volontaria delle Competenze degli Ingegneri (ANCVCI), the Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers (AQPE) and the Association of Professional Engineers of Spain (AIPE) signed a mutual recognition agreement in Rome which will facilitate the internationalization of certified engineers by AQPE / AIPE to practice in Italy and vice versa.

The signing of this agreement allows the recognition of Professional Engineers, in both countries, for AIPE / AQPE certificates in Spain and for ANCVCI in Italy, reducing professional barriers and equating the Professional Engineer and CERT’ing certifications.

The implementation of this agreement means that any Spanish engineer in possession of the certification of Professional Engineer (PE), will obtain the CERT’ing certification, without having to undergo another certification process, although in some cases it will be possible for him Request certain additional requirements.

The two competency certifications promote a culture of professionals with skills, ongoing training and experience, guaranteeing a quality service that generates security and guarantee to companies and society.

The recognition document was signed by Josep Canós, vice president of AQPE, by Baldomero Segura, vice president of AIPE, and by Gaetano Nastasi, President of ANCVCI, at an event that had as guests other representatives of AIPE and AQPE.

This agreement is framed in international policy actions aimed at achieving ease and agility in the mobility of engineers, which is why last year signed agreements with KIVI (the Netherlands) and SNIPF (France).