The Direction of Information Technology of Banco Sabadell, represented by Pedro Cardona-Vilaplana, Chief Information Officer at Banco Sabadell, and Susana Pelles, Director HR Services for Business Information Systems (BSIS), has received the AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) represented by Antonio Molina, General Director, and Miquel Boix, representing of the Col·legi Oficial d’Enginyeria en Informàtica de Catalunya, to present the certificate PEQ (Professional Engineer).

The presentation highlighted the importance of professional engineering technologies applied to the information, along with the professional consultants have been key to Banco Sabadell is an entity reference in this sector, being a model in its ability to integrate the acquired financial institutions in recent years and the base to face the new challenges ahead.

With the willingness to work to improve the standards of engineering and consulting them applied to information technology in the financial sector, to promote growth, quality and to facilitate the recognition of the profession, they agreed to continue working in line to establish a partnership between BSIS and AQPE to facilitate the certification of professionals and it can be in the future, as a useful reference for the value it brings to companies working with certified professionals, both internally and in relation to its customers and suppliers.

The certificate PEQ (Professional Engineer) which issues the AQPE supports the competence level achieved by the professional engineer who submits the assessment procedure applied by your professional association and sanctioned by the Committee of Professional Qualification of AQPE . In contrast and in complementation of university degrees which evidencing the formation of qualifies for a profession, through the PEQ certified accredit professional competences that in areas where they have exercised and this way provides rigorous information, accurate and fair, businesses and society on the professional experience of the engineers.

This model of professional certification can be taken as a reference when being used, with appropriate adaptations, to substantiate the competence level of professional consultants, ensuring continuous training and making available the tools necessary for continuous improvement.

Banco Sabadell is the fourth Spanish private banking group, composed of different banks, brands, subsidiaries and affiliates that cover all areas of financial business under one common denominator: professionalism and quality. A young and well-trained staff, equipped with the most modern technological and commercial resources, and multi-organization and multi-channel, customer-focused allow Banco Sabadell occupy a leading market position in personal and business banking.

AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) is a private foundation that aims certification of professional engineers in accordance with the accredited professional knowledge and experience in different specialties ranked in areas of action as certification procedures objectives and standardized as well as promoting, mainly European international convergence, the rating systems used and their mutual recognition.