On Friday, February 14 was made up the presentation to infraestructures.cat of the PE (Professional Engineer) AQPE certificate  of its engineers to implement the agreement signed between the two entities.

Infraestructures.cat and AQPE have signed an agreement to facilitate and encourage PEQ certification between its engineers for value reporting, both nationally and internationally, having a team of professionals certified by a prestigious organization that informs with precision, accuracy and impartiality on what the field of competence of the various professional engineering, current titles and new (Bologna ), giving value to the experience and professional expertise.

Jordi Guix Armengou, AQPE the President and Dean College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia stressed the importance of the certification of professional engineering as a voluntary option, which is to serve and be useful for the development and evolution professional who has.

The director of the AQPE, Toni Molina explained the procedure to get the certification PEQ, stressing the guarantee of quality and prestige that comes with it with a company being certified by ENAC for the ISO 17024 international standard.

El AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) is a private foundation that aims to certification of professional engineers in terms of accredited knowledge and professional experience in different specialties, ranked policy areas as procedures and standardized certification objectives and promoting mainly European international convergence , the rating systems used and their mutual recognition.

Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya SAU (Infraestructures.cat)  is a public corporation of the Government of Catalonia. The company was incorporated in 1990 under the name Infrastructure Management SA (GISA) and with the current name is the merger of public companies Regs of Catalunya SLU (REGSL) and Reg Sistemas Segarra-Garrigues , SLU (REGSEGASL). The corporate purpose of the company is to design, construct, maintain, upgrade and operate all kinds of infrastructure and buildings that the Government promotes, participates or has agreed with third parties, as well as services that can be installed or develop.