The Catalan Water Agency (ACA), represented by Mr. Jordi Agustí, CEO, and its manager, Mr. Diego Moxó, received a delegation from the AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) represented by its President, Mr. Jordi Guix Armengou, and its director, Mr. Antonio Molina.

The meeting, celebrated the past 3th of june, has served to present to the public company of the Generality the procedure of certification of professionals that offers in different scopes of action the foundation by professional engineers.

The certified PEQ (Professional Engineer) issued the AQPE endorse the competence level obtained by the professional of the engineering that subject  to the procedure of evaluation applied by his professional school and sanctioned by the Committee of Professional Qualification of the AQPE.

Unlike, and in complementation, of the university degrees, that accredits the formation that qualifies for a profession, through the certified PEQ accredits the competitions that have the professional in the scopes where have exercised them and in this way offers rigorous information, precise and equanimity, to the companies and to the society on the professional experience of the engineers.

During the meeting emphasis was placed in the importance of the certified PEQ and the utility that has to have for the development and evolution of the professional career of the engineers evaluating the experience and professional solvency of these, and of the value that contributes to the companies to the work with professional certificates, both at the time of facilitating it and value it to his professionals, as in his suppliers, agreements or biddings.

The Catalan Water Agency (ACA) is the public entity of the Government of Catalonia assigned to the Department of Town and Country Planning and Sustainability and founded in 2000 as the hydraulic authority in Catalonia, in charge of the governing policies concerning water and based on the principles of the Water Framework Directive. The Agency manages and plans the water cycle, with a vision of integrated water systems, taking into account the balance of all ecosystems. Water becomes a basic structural and functional element to the environment and life. This management must be compatible with the growing demand for permanence, universality and immediacy of the citizens of an advanced society, and ensure quality and good service.

AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) is a Private Foundation that has as aims the certification of the professionals of the engineering in function of the knowledge’s accredited and the professional experience in the different specialties, classified in scopes of action, as procedures of objective certification and standardized, as well as the promotion of the international convergence, mainly European, of the systems of qualification employees and of his mutual recognition.