Willingness to work for the improvement of the standards and the quality of the consulting, to promote the growth and facilitate the recognition of the profession, the president of ACEC (Catalan Association of Management Consulting Companies), Mr. Joan Camprubí, and the general director, Mr. Fernando Iglesia, gathered  at the beginning of the month of May with a representation of  AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) formed by his President, Mr. Jordi Guix, the general director, Mr. Antoni Molina and Mr. Xavier Clotet, representative of the Catalan Association of Engineers of Telecommunication.

During the meeting emphasized the importance of certificate PEQ (Professional Engineer) and the utility that must have for development and evolution of the professional career of the engineers evaluating the experience and professional standing of these, and the value that contributes to the companies to work with professional certificates, both in facilitating and value it to his professional, as in his contracts, agreements or biddings.

The certificate PEQ (Professional Engineer) issued the AQPE supports the competence level obtained by the professional of the engineering undergoing the procedure of evaluation applied by his professional school and sanctioned by the Committee of Professional Qualification of AQPE. A difference, and in complementation, of university degrees, that accredit the training that training for a profession, through the certificate PEQ accredit the competitions that have the professional in the scopes where have exercised them and of this way offers  rigorous information, precise and equable, to the companies already the society on the professional experience of the engineers.

It analyzed whether a professional model and this certification can be taken as a reference when being used, with pertinent adaptations, to endorse the competence level of the professionals of the consulting, guaranteeing the training continued and putting to his disposal the necessary tools for his constant improvement.

ACEC (Associació Catalana d’Empreses Consultores) is a non-profit private organisation, that represents businesses engaged in the practise of management consulting based in Catalunya and its professionals. ACEC is the voice for consulting companies based in Catalunya, it represents the Catalan management consulting companies before institutions and the market. Moreover, its objective is to improve the standards of consultancy and its quality, to promote its development and professional recognition. The ACEC was established in 1993. It works along with the AEC (Spanish Association of Consulting Businesses) and the FEACO (European Federation on Management Consulting).

AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) Is a Private Foundation that aims the certification of the professionals of the engineering in function of the knowledges accredited and the professional experience in the different specialties, classified in scopes of performance, as procedures of objective certification and standardized, as well as the promotion of the international convergence, mainly European, the systems of qualification employed and his mutual recognition.