Next May 26th will be a very important day for the AQPE, as well as by the Colleges and Associations of Engineers who support it, and for the world of professional certification in general.

This is the day that the 1st International Forum on Professional Engineering in Barcelona will take place, the first International Forum of Professional Certification of engineers, with the participation of Katy Turff, Head of Professional Standards of the Engineering Council of the United Kingdom; Thierry Roux, Deputy Président National des Ingénieurs Professionnel de France; Daniel Sander, CEO of Ingenieurkammer Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; Stéfano Calzolari, President of the Agenzia Nazionale for the Certificazione delle competenze degli Ingegneri of Italy; Juan Záforas, General Secretary of the Association of Professional Engineers of Spain; and Joan Barceló, President of ISACA Barcelona, United States.

It will also participate the Department of Universities and Research of the Generalitat to discuss professional qualification based on competencies, and two round tables will be organized: The first to analyze the situation of the Professional Certification of Engineers in the world and a second table to give The Vision on the Professional Certification of companies, professionals and the Public Administration.

 PE professional engineer distititius

All active engineers should be interested in completing their professional profile with the Professional Engineer certification to take advantage of the visibility and international recognition that gives a “PE” certification, apart from other advantages such as discount on professional insurance policies or future consideration as an element of quality to value in the public tender.

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