The need to demonstrate the ability of a professional in a given field has led many companies to evaluate the certification of persons. Countries like USA, UK, France and Germany have largely developed by the international standard ISO 17024.

In the business world, everyone knows the ISO 9001 international standard that determines the elements of quality management that a company should have to have an effective system that allows you to manage and improve the quality of their products or services. In fact, ISO 9001 is by far the strongest part of the world as currently used by more than 750,000 organizations in 161 countries. Although it is a voluntary certification, many companies have adopted in order to remain competitive in the market.

Thus, it is common for companies to have a certification of their management systems or their products and services. Now when we talk about certification of “people” we sound a little strange. In some professional activities can raise the issue of recognizing the ability of a professional in a given field. Thus, the certification of persons is based on the demonstration of a combination of knowledge and experience, which guarantees professional qualification and capability to perform a particular activity. This certification goes beyond the purely formal recognition of knowledge, skills or abilities that a person has, and is strongly oriented to assess the ability to apply them in practice.

In the last years, the certification of persons is being widely developed in countries like USA, UK, France and Germany. In these countries have schemes of certification of persons, accredited to various professional activities related to project development accessibility of buildings, energy efficiency, railway engineering, photovoltaic engineering, information security, food security, etc.

ISO 17024 is the international reference standard that establishes the requirements for the organisms carrying out certification of persons. In our country, ENAC (National Accreditation) is the only organism competent to “prove” that is, to recognize the competence of an organism certification of persons (Note that in Spain, there are only 10 entities accredited by ENAC in this activity)

AQPE gives our country a certification system for engineering professionals based on the Anglo-Saxon model and the ISO 17024 certification of persons. The PEQ certification, Professional Engineer by AQPE, is a certification model for professional skills of engineers, based on international standards (mainly the UK SPEC of the Engineering Council, UK) and is in line with the international standard ISO 17024 certification people, bringing international recognition through conformity assessment system established.

In conclusion, we report that, with the intention of becoming the first Certification Organization of Engineers, accredited by ENAC, last May 27 AQPE has made entry to ENAC Application for Accreditation and Certification Organization of People (Docket ENAC C-PE / 023)

Toni Molina – Secretary General AQPE

Article published in the magazine InformàTICs on February 2015