Marc Queralt i Bassa, who professionally presented as “computer engineer, MBA and Master in Digital Marketing, that program as angels and has vision of enterprise”, is certified “PEQ Professional Engineer AQPE Area” with the category “Engineer Professional Senior-Fellow” in the area of “information systems”. Value AQPE certification because they are the engineers themselves who have decided as a group what is to be a good engineer, a good professional engineering, and its usefulness in industrial relations, especially when they are international.

Computer engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, has developed his career in various projects ranging from the definition of systems for knowledge management to real-time monitoring of telecommunications solutions, through the implementation of CRM solutions or work in the world of Big Data. He is currently a founding partner of DeMomentSomTres, digital marketing company, and who gives the orders when necessary.

What motivated you to make the decision to get certified with the seal of the AQPE?

My mother is completely convinced of my worth as a person, and therefore as a professional. My clients and colleagues know me and know which my strengths are. But when someone does not know you, the professional worth is a difficult resource to expose at first. The curriculum, LinkedIn profile and other social networks or personal presentation, illustrate a bit who you are, but often need to endorse your career quickly and reliably.

For this reason, when I heard about the existence of AQPE seal, I found it a very interesting initiative. In the background and with shades, from the communication point of view (not authority) it is like a sheriff’s badge: in a few seconds you can say that professionals recognize your professionalism.

For this reason I found it very interesting to participate as a tribunal in the first certifications that were made from the COEINF, my school.

Coherence did the rest, I felt with the duty of get certified myself.

In what helps the certification to engineering professionals?

Undoubtedly, the most important of the existence of AQPE certification is that engineers as a collective decided what was a good engineer, a good professional engineering.

To be a good engineer must apply engineering in the sector of activity in which we are: management, production or training. And as more interesting, to be a good engineer must be a member of a professional association and that it recognize the worth of the engineer.

To me, in particular, dispose of AQPE certification has been useful to me in my professional relationships and especially international aspects. Abroad, what remains clear is that in your LinkedIn profile have a badge that links to a personalized certificate in English guarantee, as with certifications Google or many others and is operative so that they easy to contrast.

The AQPE also works as a community that brings together thousands of professionals from all branches of engineering. Do you think that should enhance collaboration and business generation among the different areas of application of engineering?

I do not think you can answer no to a question like this. Generate business is almost always a good choice. And in the degree of specialization are the engineering, only collaboration between disciplines can take us one step further.

My reality has always been to collaborate with other disciplines to provide computer engineering to build specific solutions to solve business problems.

And the sense of community I consider important. I do not know if you also happens to you but when, for example LinkedIn, I find another engineer with the certificate of AQPE, I can sense as responsible and committed to his profession.

There is much talk about computer but computer engineering and information technology is the least known in engineering. Explains in an understandable way and with any example does it consist your profession.

My profession consists in provide solutions to business problems using processes that manage and process information. That is, broadly speaking is to use technology to solve problems of other disciplines such as marketing, management, production or any branch of engineering.

Another way to explain my profession would be to be on the border between areas of knowledge. Computers disclose or make intermediaries between the black magic of information technology, which is everywhere, and people who use them without understanding how or why it works. In fact, many times you feel satisfied as a computer engineer, when you say “You have explained so clear that you do not seem computer”.

And now, my job is a new frontier area, the digital marketing and is based on design, build, manage and explain solutions to help to sell more or better to companies.

Can you explain us emblematic cases in which you have participated?

Surely by character, and a good portion of luck, I participated in projects with a high degree of innovation.

By the middle of 90s I participated in the definition of a knowledge management system for a cluster of European companies in the field of industrial design when hardly anyone around here talking about it, and from a perspective not strictly technological.

In early 2000 I started be routed toward solutions more oriented to communication implementing CRM solutions to various sales forces. I participated in big data projects when he was not yet fashionable. I have also designed solutions for the management and real-time monitoring of telecommunications.

From DeMomentSomTres also we have been involved in several interesting projects. Perhaps those who are most striking are the creation of an online store of turrones where it is shipped via video streaming, the Bongo Checkout solution for Prestashop for FedEx to reduce costs of transoceanic transport or web communication platform and support of “Consorcio Administración Abierta de Catalunya”.

What is your way of understanding the digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an area where diverse disciplines converge: management, information technology, content, image and graphic design.

At DeMomentSomTres, we chose to deal with digital marketing projects with a multidisciplinary perspective that integrates engineering and art to build effective and attractive solutions.

In this area, an approach based on engineering leads to keep in mind three elements: customer needs, the context in which it is located and the results or objectives to be achieved. This prevents us to build a website without having the mind simultaneously design and SEO positioning.

This view of marketing has also allowed us to align ourselves with other professionals from leading countries on the issue, the United States and Canada. Through collaboration with an analysis tool metrics, we have been able to participate in the digital marketing conference in Canada in March in Vancouver. In the Canadian Internet Marketing Congress, 800 professionals were able to share experiences and future trends of digital marketing and big data interpretation was the main shaft.