AQPE, a tool of national and international accreditation for Companies and Professionals

Companies need to demonstrate “value” is the quality of the product, service, or people who work in them and among these people we refer to those skilled in general and engineers in particular, because they are the raison for being of AQPE: the Agency for professional qualifications of engineers.

Until now, at least in our country, the only way to demonstrate the excellence of our technicians was going through his qualifications, licensing in many cases and list of masters made, and, when presented in a tender, a huge dossier of experiences or projects in which they participated, more or less contrasted.

Now, following the international trend, here we have AQPE, that is born with a mission to certify and accredit training, experience and professional competence. This certification is a guarantee that what is being contracted by the client meets the necessary requirements and ensures the best result in the project, product or service. Guarantee that the international environment takes, if it’s possible, more relevance, in a confusing scenario due to the latest European homologations and the abundance of degrees and masters.

AQPE, following the Anglo-Saxon model, born in Catalonia but has state vocation and is sponsored by 15 professional schools of engineering, which, by itself, allows us to imagine the projection, seriousness and respect that we must deserve as project.

This has encouraged us to launch a campaign of Collegiate Engineers adhered or “members”, making it possible something that until now did not exist: a space where they are “all” engineers, senior and technicians, roads, industrial, telecom, agronomists, computer, etc. ; Millennials and Baby Boomers … ALL.

AQPE telecom

A privileged space that we hope will be the basis of possibilities that not even imagine us by the power giving to be all together.

The profile of the engineers working in companies is varied. There are young engineers starting their careers, more senior engineers, with several years of experience and many projects as personal background and also very skilled engineers and even recognized within the profession.

These profiles have their space in AQPE, which certifies a first level called “Qualified Engineer” to accommodate those engineers with less than five years of experience; two levels of “Professional Engineer” between five and ten, and ten to fifteen years of experience respectively and, finally, a “Fellow” level for the longest experience and recognition.

But the aim of AQPE is not reduced to this essential mission even if it is their raison for being. The Agency was created with the aim of becoming a real service also for Engineers with the idea to accompany them in their professional development. Providing the collection, sorting and custody of experience, background and, ultimately, curriculum, to facilitate the transition from one level of professional certification to a higher level, at any time.

The AQPE certification may, at any time, provide support to demonstrate their professional excellence against third parties and that is why facilitate certification engineers of the company can also convert in the hands of Human Resources, into an element of Loyalty to retain the best.

AQPE has references in most economic, social and industrially leading countries and can benefit from the demonstrated goodness of this type of service becomes absolutely necessary at a time of great complexity degrees, uncertainty validations and professional homologations and especially fierce competition in bidding.

Surely a company that has all certified technicians can submit a tender with many more guarantees of success or simply can be credited as an excellent supplier to its customers.

On the other hand, for those, it is a way to facilitate the job of selecting the best partners or service providers or any activity in which they are in some way implicated professionals of Engineering.

Many years ago, and it is now quite common and even essential in many cases, the guarantee of ISO certification providers as a measure to ensure the quality of products or services are sought.

Now we go much further because it is certified professionals, people.

Looking ahead to internationalization an AQPE certification is a differentiating factor that may be key if we consider collaborative arrangements that agency is establishing with similar organizations in UK, Germany, Italy, Canada or Portugal, since levels accredited by AQPE is equate directly with the criteria of the British models who speak of “graduate”, “member”, “fellow” or “honorary fellow”, thus facilitating the reading international certification.

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Director AQPE