AQPE in conference of new technologies and road safety

The Pompeu Fabra Auditorium of the Barcelona headquarters of Industrial Engineers hosted, last February, the conference of ‘New technologies and road safety’, where several experts have given their views on transport and technological innovations that can be implemented to reduce accidents and fatalities.

The first table, in charge of welcoming, was formed by the dean of COEIC, Jordi Guix; Provial president, Carme Huguet; AEPSAL president, Josep Orrit; and the president of the ATECT, Alfred Morales.

Among the various papers we highlight the Francesc González, director of AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers), who explained the role of this entity. AQPE, founded in 2012 with the support of government and companies, certified the superior knowledge of professional according to ISO 17024 and also its code of conduct.

Gonzalez said that “what really will have value in the future will be the professional certificate. The degree is no longer enough to find work even though it will obviously be necessary. ”This trend takes place in a context of global competition and the possibility of finding work abroad. AQPE, which is working to be approved with equivalent foreign entities, already has 900 members and 60 professional certificates.

The closure has been in charge of Rafael Olmos, Deputy Director General of Road Safety Catalan Traffic Service and Manel Bestratén, technical adviser to the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work. Olmos stressed that we must continue joining all efforts to achieve “the dream of zero fatalities in 2050” and recognized that much work remains to be done. However, from 2010 to 2016 it is expected to have been reduced a 28.7% accidents with fatalities. Meanwhile, Bestratén stressed the need to work together with road safety professionals to achieve the goal of zero accidents.

You can consult the documentation and see the whole day here.

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