AQPE close to the engineering professionals

The AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) accompanies engineering professionals from they get university degree and is at their side throughout the development of his professional career. It is close them to offer support and assistance in accreditation of their experience, continuing education, in defense of their profession and to facilitate relations between the different engineering professionals.

To do it has the support and collaboration of colleges and professional associations that are part of AQPE, and always bearing in mind that someone can only go faster, but together we will reach much further.

This closeness with the engineers, we want also to be, of proximity in the distance. Colleges and professional associations are AQPE delegations rating agency to provide better service and attention in proximity to all engineering professionals. The colleges and professional associations of AQPE are delegations from rating agency to provide better service and attention in proximity to all engineering professionals.