Josep Maria Cots Call has one of the most emblematic certifications made by the AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers).  Cots was the first industrial engineer expert in structures prove its qualification with AQPE through EIC. And soon will be followed by certification of professional competence. In fact, Cots has very clear. The AQPE is facilitating him his professional work in the management and processing of international projects. Even qualifies the QR code custom as a “genius”.

Industrial Engineer from the Technical High School of Industrial Engineering of Terrassa, Josep Maria Cots has been responsible for the design of several flagship projects. Among them is a removable hangar of helicopters that can withstand extreme weather conditions. And, also, the rehabilitation of Sant Leopold Pavilion of Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona.

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What motivated you to make the decision to become certified under the seal of the AQPE?

Some time ago I was looking for something like this. After the bursting of the housing bubble with the severe shortage of orders led, I was fortunate to work with a company that developed a typology of structure, very light and temporary, which could be exported. We started working in England and Central America, but I ran into the difficulty of finding a way to allow me to understand my overseas degree of professionalism or at least my degree qualification. You can send your CV and other documentation, but it depends on the good faith of receptor, believe it or not, because it is not certified. Also I asked for the Structures Consultants Association, where I am a member, if they had promoted a similar type of certification and they said no. Finally, in December I received an email from the EIC reporting function and the services offered by the AQPE. It came at the right time.

What procedure you done to get certified with AQPE?

First we have certified the degree. Then I raised the possibility of certifying the level of professionalism and experience. I found it very interesting because I accumulate more than 20 years of experience in the field of engineering. We are now in the process of being certified. It is not a complex procedure, but it’s perfect to highlight the most emblematic projects I have developed and collect and sort all my professional background. One of the characteristic services from AQPE is the personalized QR code.

Tell us your opinion using this tool.

I find it a brilliant idea. This facilitates QR code you can print AQPE and incorporate your business card, the e-mail signature, title blocks of drawings, etc. In my case, the QR code redirects the AQPE as a certifying entity that guarantees that I am an industrial engineer and, at the same time give access to my certificate. No longer necessary to send any resume!

EngiOX, a special cloud for engineers, is operational since March. It is another tool that AQPE makes available to the engineers.

We’ll have to see else carries have other associated services, since storage in the cloud there is a lot competition, such as DropBox, etc. However, the EngiBOX facilitates the management of documentary evidence in our career, preparing and ordering information to manage, where appropriate, professional certification and giving support in this heavy task. It costs a lot to do so after several years of practicing the profession, because there are accumulated collaborations, publications, press clippings, training received or given, etc., classify and visualize so many data.

The AQPE also works as a community that brings together thousands of professionals from all branches of engineering. It may become an opportunity to expand networking.

It is very positive. Today is vital to specialize. The industrial engineer can deal with many subjects, but if you really want to be competitive should specialize in one. For example, if I handle a project of an industrial building, I have to contact my staff because I only wont solve the structure. Being able to contact experienced professionals guaranteed by the AQPE already a plus point. We can open the door to future collaborations and, indeed, with guaranteed success.

You speak of flagship projects. What would you highlight?

Through architect Xavier Guitart i Tarrés, specializing in the rehabilitation of historic buildings, I have had the privilege of working in rehabilitation of Sant Leopold Pavilion from modernist enclosure of Hospital Sant Pau.

We can also highlight the sports pavilion of La Pobla de Lillet, combining reinforced concrete, steel and wood.

Finally, anecdotally, I was in charge of the structure of a cage for breeding falcons, which measures 60 meters in diameter and 20 m in height. The interesting thing is that the project must withstand wind gusts of over 200 km/h, able to knock down an all-terrain vehicle.

The most emblematic, however, is the projectable hangar for helicopters.

Cage for breeding falcons which measures 60 meters in diameter and 20 m in height that must withstand wind gusts of over 200 km/h, able to knock down an all-terrain vehicle.

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