The Barcelona Chapter of Association for the Control and Audit of Information Systems (ISACA Barcelona Chapter) and Rating Agency of Professional Engineering (AQPE) have signed a cooperation agreement to promote and encourage the professional qualification in the field of auditing, consulting, security, quality guarantee and control of information systems and related fields, from quality guarantee and prestige of professional certifications that respective entities provide, so can establish systems of mutual recognition and facilitation in the certification of professionals.

The agreement was signed by Joaquim Altafaja Diví, vice president of ISACA Barcelona Chapter, and Jordi Guix Armengou AQPE President and Dean of the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, October 30, 2014 at the headquarters of ISACA Barcelona Chapter with representatives of the two entities.

Professional certification based on proven experience, taking continuing education as a necessity and supported by procedures recognized and confronted, it is the common factor with professional certifications in CISA, CISM, CGEIT and CRISC corresponding to audit areas, consultancy, safety, quality assurance and control information systems its own corporate purpose ISACA and the certified Professional PEQ (Professional Engineer) to the areas of engineering professionals

One objective of the agreement is to analyze the equivalence and similarities of areas between the certifications to establish, from the certification procedures, correspondences of levels with a view to facilitate mutual recognition and determine the conditions under which can be seen as an evidence or a facilitator for some of the certifications.

From right to left, members of the AQPE and ISACA Barcelona Chapter: Miquel Boix, Mingo Olmos, Jordi Guix, Joaquim Altafaja, Antonio Molina and Carles Mateu

ISACA (Association for Control and Audit of Information Systems) is the professional association, nonprofit, for professionals and organizations. Its mission is to provide knowledge, certifications, training, audit, security and governance systems and information technology as well as risk and compliance related to TIC. The “Capítulo de Barcelona” was ​​created in 2001, being the first chapter with statutes fully democratic created in Spain.

Barcelona Chapter Overview. A significant benefit of an ISACA membership is participation in a local chapter which provides professional education, training and networking opportunities. Chapter membership is required of individuals living or working within the chapter’s territory. Below is the chapter territory, contact and other helpful information.

AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) is a private foundation that aims certification of professional engineers in accordance with the accredited professional knowledge and experience in different specialties ranked in areas of action as certification procedures objectives and standardized as well as promoting, mainly European international convergence, the rating systems used and their mutual recognition.