AQPE makes public its commitment to carry out all the activities, recognizing the importance of impartiality, minimizing the conflicts of interest that may arise and ensuring the objectivity of its actions, for which the following lines of action are adopted:

  1. Identify, analyze, control and continuously minimize threats and conflicts of interest with the different parties involved and that could affect the impartiality of our services.
  2. Act impartially in relation to their applicants, their candidates and their certified persons, applying the same policies and procedures in all of them.
  3. Ensure the balanced participation of all stakeholders in the certification system.
  4. Require all personnel directly or indirectly involved in the certification process to sign a declaration by which they agree to comply with the principles of confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality.
  5. Not offer training services related to the certification of engineering professionals.
  6. Granting, maintaining, renewing, expanding and reducing the scope, and suspending or withdrawing the certification of a candidate, falls to the Certification Committee, which is made up of independent people who carry out the evaluation of the candidate.
  7. Do not restrict access to certification applicants and candidates for financial reasons or any limiting condition, such as being a member of an association or group, or use procedures aimed at arbitrarily limiting or preventing such access.
  8. Act impartially in relation to its certification activities, not accepting or allowing commercial, financial or other pressures that could affect the impartiality policy.

Barcelona, September 1, 2015