The Government approved on Friday by the Cabinet correspondence of the titles of Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports, Computer Engineering and Technical Engineers in Computer Software and Systems with their college degrees within the framework of the Bologna Plan.

Specifically, the top two engineering (Roads and Informatics) will correspond level Master (level 3 in the European Higher Education) while the two technical engineering will they represent level 2, equivalent to a degree.

The four degrees which approval has been approved on Friday received the nod of the committees of experts created by the ministry to work on the approval of the old titles to the new space of education before they can be approved by the Government.

As explained by education, now that it has completed the process for these four degrees, the General Office of Academic Coordination and Legal will enroll the resolution of recognition of the correspondence in the Register of Universities, Centers and Titles.

With the approval of the old titles to the new system of university studies it is to improve the competitiveness of Spanish professionals working abroad or choose to contracts in other countries and who, according to the ministry to initiate the procedure, the lack of official recognition stood the Spaniards in “disadvantage” compared with professionals from other countries who did have their approved studies.