After two years since the signing of the collaboration agreement between AIPE and AQPE with the Societé Nationale des Ingenieurs Professionnels de France (SNIPF), a new step was taken on December 2 when signing the Mutual Recognition Agreement.

The president of SNIPF, Jean Francoise Magnani, affirmed during the meeting the need for engineers to reduce barriers to the exercise of the profession between the signatory countries.

José María Martínez Vela, representative of AIPE, recalled that with this firm there are already four countries with which Spain has signed mutual recognition: Dutch KIVI, Italian I’Certing, the Portuguese Ordem dos Engenheiros and now the French SNIPF.

On the other hand, Francesc González Navarro, on behalf of AQPE, stressed that facilitating mobility and recognition of competencies between different jurisdictions is the objective pursued with these agreements.

All this has taken place at the international meeting in The Hague, in which all European certification bodies have established the standards for the creation of ENGINET, a European platform for the recognition of engineers that will be released in the first quarter of 2020.