Recently, Francesc González, AQPE’s CEO, published an article in Fulls d’Enginyeriathe most recognized Catalan website about engineering current topics and information. In this article, he talks about the “European Alliance for the Mutual Recognition of Engineering Competences” known as ENGINET, with Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Holland, and the United Kingdom as members.

Francesc exposes thoroughly the main objective of this alliance: to facilitate the mobility of engineers and the recognition and validation of their competencies, not only at a European level, but at an international one. Thereupon, he talks about the agreements between the different agencies in certification of competencies for engineers, like the recognition of equivalence between the Professional Engineer issued by AQPE, and the English Chartered or the Incorporated Engineer, issued by the Dutch agency KIVI.

We want to thank Fulls d’Enginyeria for their support. If you want to read the full article, click here.