The headquarters of Valencia College of “Ingenieros de Caminos” has welcomed, just before closing the month of September, a conference on professional certification for ICCP, which grants AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers). Carmen Monzonís, Technical Secretary of the College, was in charge of welcoming and make an introduction on the need to incorporate this type of certificate accrediting expertise. A ‘professional degree’ to complement the ‘college degree’ and becomes the best guarantee when the engineer commitment to internationalization.

Subsequently, Emilio Marín, Director of Technical Coordination of “Colegio de Caminos”, said in his speech that this certificate is the Anglo-Saxon model and the law awarded to the Professional Colleges accredits function through this certificate the competencies, skills and experience of engineers.

The College of “Ingenieros de Caminos”, nationally, along with other professionals colleges and associations of different engineering (industrial, agricultural, telecoms, computer technicians or engineers, etc.) has been integrated into the Agency bringing together the main professional institutions of engineering, and they continue to add, doubtless, many others which at present grouped around 50,000 engineers across Spain.

The objective is which through this Agency Colleges have a tool to validate a certification that it will become increasingly common and defendant in various international markets.
The final certificate issued will be PEQ (Professional Engineer of AQPE) will be a sum of the college degree, plus work experience, continuing education and the degree of compliance with the ethical code of the AQPE.

The AQPE, which integrates our school has been the first to apply for certification by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity). It should be noted, as pointed out by, subsequently, the Secretary General of the AQPE, Toni Molina, that until 2011 there were 18 different engineering degrees and ANECA, National Agency for Quality Evaluation and Accreditation since 2014, following the implementation of Bologna recognizes a total of 632, referred to the different fields of engineering. It is therefore advisable to have a professional certificate, addition to the university that annotates and prove the degree of skills, knowledge and abilities of each professional.

Following a round of different interventions inquiries regarding the matter was opened.

CICP – Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos