Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers (AQPE) is a foundation whose main purpose is the classification of engineering professionals in terms of knowledge and professional experience borrowers in different fields (fields of action ) segonsprocediments and standardized certification objectives.

On June 11 took place and Engineering Forum, organized by the Barcelona AQPE the presence of the Minister for Enterprise and Employment, Francesc Xavier Mena, and five deans of colleges of engineering degree Catalonia, promoters of AQPE: Agricultural, Civil, Industrial, and Telecommunications.

The event served to introduce this pioneering and unique foundation in all of Spain, “the embryo of the association hope to unite all engineering colleges,” said the Director General of Mines and Energy Joseph Canós. The Minister emphasized the cooperative nature Type of the foundation “with the professional schools have diluted the asymmetry of information, ie, those who have succeeded have to hire a professional engineering has no doubts their value and their skills. “

The organization’s mission principal issue a certificate recognized internationally qualified engineers accredited in terms of knowledge and experience. Thus, as explained by the dean of the Association of Engineers Civil Ports of Catalonia, Josep Oriol AQPE responds to the new situation marked by professional Bologna, involving a multiplicity of professional qualifications in the field of engineering, and the Bolkestein directive, which simplify the process to liberalize the movement of services within the European Union (EU).

In addition, AQPE has a calling to become a reference body in the engineering industry groups following the example of countries such as the UK and Germany. For this reason, the event featured a panel discussion served to expose several professional models in the field of engineering in Europe: the professional associations of engineers from Milan (Italy), northern region of Portugal Germany and England.

During the event, which was also attended by the Director General of the Barcelona Mobile World Capital, Gines Alarcon and President of Agbar, Angel Simón, surrendered the first 16 documents of qualification application requested for engineering professionals.

Response to Bologne Plan

“We’ve gone from having about thirty degrees related to engineering to have more than 500,” he noted Domingo Olmos, Dean of the Engineering Association of Catalonia. With the Bologna Process “scheme for one to pursue a college degree is crumbling. We are now entering a convergent model for other EU countries, “said the director general of the Association and the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, Antoni Maria Grau.

To equate professional models to promote international mobility of engineers, the certificate issued by the AQPE assesses the skills according to procedures and standardized certification objectives. Thus, “the certificate opens the door to the outside, removing barriers and enhancing mobility,” said the dean of the Agricultural Engineers Association of Catalonia, Josep M. Rofes.

Certificate of Professional Qualification

The certification may request the engineering professionals and members assigned to the entities that comprise the AQPE. The rating can be done on 54 different areas, ranging from robotics and electronics to management, including the environment, energy tunnels and underground works, among others.

The rating includes 9 levels of competence: the first three are provided by the professional degree, for a level 3 or higher in an engineering course, while the remaining six levels are achievable through competition through proven relevant experience professional.

The evaluation of the merits before a court is custom built according to the areas and sub-professionals who wish to obtain. In short, the transcript shows the degree and the university where he has taken, as well as qualified for the field of action and the sub assessed.

Thus, a single engineer can be described in different areas with different levels. Grau noted that the certificate “has no expiration date, but obsolescence mark to market” and that all accredited professionals will be governed by the same ethical code.

In the service of society

The certification is intended to be a guarantee for business reporting with rigor and precision on the expertise and experience of each professional guide and arrange the most appropriate profile.

“The certificate clarifies the society, especially in business and government, the level of competence of many existing engineering degrees,” said Joan Vallvé, dean of the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia.

The union of the five professional schools in AQPE also represents the first step in creating a group of professional engineers with a common code of ethics. “The five organizations continue exchanging synergies for the engineering Catalan and our professionals get the recognition and prestige they deserve,” announced Joan Solé, dean of the College of Telecommunication Engineers of Catalonia.