AQPE’s main objective is to meet the requirements of the company by offering certification services of professionals adjusted to good professional practices, maintaining equity and confidentiality in its activities, with the support of professionals, companies in the sector and official and private entities.

AQPE assumes the commitment to achieve these goals by acting in an ethical manner and in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework in force, in full compliance with the principles of sustainable development.

The AQPE management system, within the framework of the concepts of Quality, whose knowledge, materialization, maintenance and continuous improvement is mandatory for all members of the organization, is a fundamental tool for the achievement and reliability of the services provided and for the satisfaction of engineering professionals.

The Senior Management assumes the commitment to maintain impartiality and enforce this policy by allocating the necessary resources for the AQPE to implement, fulfill, maintain and improve the efficiency of this management system, materializing the fundamental values ​​established in its creation.

Barcelona, ​​as of September 1, 2015