The model that AQPE uses to grant the PEQ Certificate is subject to the following conditions:

  • Part of the recognition of the competences provided by university training: academic level (engineer, technical engineer, degree, master), field of knowledge, specialty…
  • It emphasizes, as elements of increased skills:
    • Significant professional experience (years and achievement of professional skills)
    • Professional skills
    • Continuous training
  • It involves compliance with a code of conduct common to all Engineering

An International Certification Model

AQPE responds to the new professional scenario marked by the dispersion of academic degrees in the field of engineering and to the new, increasingly internationalized business environment. The certification is conceived as an endorsement for companies, which rigorously and accurately informs about the specialization and experience of each professional and will guide the hiring of the most suitable profile.

This internationally approved certification will be very useful for those professionals who want to work anywhere in the world. The certification will serve to enable engineering professionals to demonstrate their extensive experience and, consequently, to be more valued and recognized in an international environment. The certification will contribute to endorse its extensive training and international recognition, which continues to be its main asset.

Our main references are found in the models of the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, etc. Our purpose is to establish collaboration agreements with similar entities from different countries. In this way, the engineers, who already have a high degree of national and international recognition, will have a certification that will increase their value and competitiveness.

Acuerdos Internacionales (PDF)