Did you know that in USA is not enough a college degree to sign engineering projects?

Yes, in this country of reference, all degreed engineers are “Engineers in Practice” until they pass two exams, each about eight hours and very comprehensive, in the first, as to the knowledge acquired and in the second, as to the experience. The first test, called Fundamentals of Engineering, is usually passed shortly after finishing the career and the second, […]

Marc Queralt: “the AQPE certification guarantees and reinforces my CV”

Marc Queralt i Bassa, who professionally presented as “computer engineer, MBA and Master in Digital Marketing, that program as angels and has vision of enterprise”, is certified “PEQ Professional Engineer AQPE Area” with the category “Engineer Professional Senior-Fellow” in the area of “information systems”. Value AQPE certification because they are the engineers themselves who have decided as a group what is […]

Become a MVE (Most Valuable Engineer)

Why be a MVE (Most Valuable Engineer)? Because you will increase your value as an engineer. You will gain certificates that prove your professional career so you could manage your career as an engineer. Because the Fundació Privada Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers, internationally recognized, will accredite your capacity to act as an engineer. […]

A reflection on the recurrent lack of IT professionals

The telephony was a disruptive technology. Its rapid growth made voices that warned of a predictable lack of telephone operators, to attend the exponential traffic of calls that was occurring. Some quantified that artound 1960 would require that half of the female population in USA was telephone operators. However the appearance of the rotary dials in 1919 and […]

AQPE, International accreditation tool for professionals and companies

The working world is increasingly competitive and it is for this reason that the technicians must be submitted with the best credentials to companies. But sometimes, having a degree is not enough. So far in our country the only way to demonstrate excellence was with studies and master’s degrees made. The Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers (AQPE) […]

AQPE close to the engineering professionals

The AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) accompanies engineering professionals from they get university degree and is at their side throughout the development of his professional career. It is close them to offer support and assistance in accreditation of their experience, continuing education, in defense of their profession and to facilitate relations between the […]

Josep M. Cots: ” The AQPE’s certification me arrived in the right time”

Josep Maria Cots Call has one of the most emblematic certifications made by the AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers).  Cots was the first industrial engineer expert in structures prove its qualification with AQPE through EIC. And soon will be followed by certification of professional competence. In fact, Cots has very clear. The AQPE is facilitating him […]

Follow AQPE on LinkedIn

Follow us on LinkedIn to be informed of the news of AQPE and be up to date on professional certification in engineering, participate in forums or debates and to know the various services that are offered MEMBER of AQPE. LinkedIn, through AQPE, can make you discover new job opportunities and allows you to update your connections […]

AQPE in conference of new technologies and road safety

The Pompeu Fabra Auditorium of the Barcelona headquarters of Industrial Engineers hosted, last February, the conference of ‘New technologies and road safety’, where several experts have given their views on transport and technological innovations that can be implemented to reduce accidents and fatalities.

AQPE, a tool of national and international accreditation for Companies and Professionals

Companies need to demonstrate “value” is the quality of the product, service, or people who work in them and among these people we refer to those skilled in general and engineers in particular, because they are the raison for being of AQPE: the Agency for professional qualifications of engineers.