Agreement for the creation of a European Platform for the Certification of Professionals

After the meetings held in 2017 and 2018 in Barcelona and Toulouse respectively, the 3rd Forum of professional certification of engineers organizations in Europe took place in Rome on May 28.


Signing of the Mutual Recognition Agreement of the AQPE Professional Engineers in Italy

On February 26, 2019, the Agenzia Nazionale for the Certification Volontaria delle Competenze degli Ingegneri (ANCVCI), the Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers (AQPE) and the Association of Professional Engineers of Spain (AIPE) signed a mutual recognition agreement in Rome which will facilitate the internationalization of certified engineers by AQPE / AIPE to practice in Italy and vice versa.


Signing the Mutual Recognition Agreement between KIVI and AQPE in The Hague

On July 27, AQPE made a gigantic step in Europe by signing a Mutual Recognition Agreement with the KIVI institute in The Hague. Our Professional Engineers will be automatically recognised as Incorporated or Chartered Engineers, an international seal of recognition that will ease the visivility of our best Professional Engineer certifies professionals.


Videos of AIPE and AQPE’s “Benefits of becoming a registered engineer” roundtable

On the 5th of July, AIPE and AQPE celebrated the “Benefits of becoming a registered engineer” roundtable at the ICAI headquarters in Madrid. We have made the videos of the event available. (more…)

University degrees don’t certify experience, competencies nor skills

While at university we learn and study, however true learning doesn’t start until the moment in which we incorporate ourselves in the workplace. And while a degree certifies knowledge, it doesn’t certify experience, competencies, nor skills. These are acquired and improved during the performance of a profession. (more…)

We have our first Chartered certificate between our PE

The agreement of mutual recognition between AQPEAIPE and KIVI is starting to bear fruit. We now have the first Chartered certificate between our PEs: Mr. Josep Maria Cots, who recently obtained his recognition as a Chartered Engineer, granted by KIVI, with the only requirement of proving his Professional Engineer Certification granted by AQPE. As said by Cots himself, this distinction opens him a large amount of doors and adds prestige to his international activity as an Engineer with structure expertise.

Congratulations Josep!

AQPE WEBINAR June 28, 2018: Become a Professional Engineer!

Sign up! On Thursday June 28, from 16:00 to 16:45, we’ll tell you what you need to do in order to become a recognized expert Engineer.

Francesc González, manager of the AQPE and well-known in the field of the professional development of engineering teams, will tell you everything you need to do in order to accredit your professional experience and start being part of the international community of Professional Engineers.


AQPE participates in the 2nd International Forum on Professional Engineering in Toulouse

Last Friday, June 8, the 2nd International Forum on Professional Engineering was celebrated at the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC), in Toulouse (France), as a continuation of the last Forum celebrated the year 2017 in Barcelona (organized by AQPE and AIPE).


Professional Engineer Day 2018

Last friday, March 18, the first Professional Engineer Day was celebrated in the Col·legi d’Enginyers de Camins, Canals i Ports (see photos). This event will be continued in Madrid the year 2019, organized by our sibling association AIPE, Asociación de Ingenieros Profesionales de España, with the idea of alternating headquarters between Barcelona and Madrid in order to give continuity to this annual act for all engineers.



The signing of this agreement will allow the engineers, the ones certified by AQPE in Spain and the ones certified by KIVI in the Netherlands, to obtain the recognition as Professional Engineers in both countries, decreasing professional barriers and equating the Professional Engineer certification and the Chartered Engineer certification (more…)