ENGINET, the european alliance of engineers is now a reality

Paris, March 5, 2020.- Valuing engineers and accrediting the knowledge, skills and experience that each professional claims to possess, are two of the fundamental objectives for which the AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) was born. The foundation offers engineers a professional certificate with a system inspired by the Anglo-Saxon model (which differentiates academic and […]

France and Spain sign a Mutual Recognition Agreement for Professional Engineer certification

After two years since the signing of the collaboration agreement between AIPE and AQPE with the Societé Nationale des Ingenieurs Professionnels de France (SNIPF), a new step was taken on December 2 when signing the Mutual Recognition Agreement.

The AQPE invited to Santiago in a session three14.pm of the CPEIG (Colexio Profesional de Enxeñaría en Informática de Galicia)

The Professional Association of Computer Engineering of Galicia (CPEIG) held on Tuesday, October 29, the third session of the project at tres14.pm, an initiative born with the idea of ​​generating a space for knowledge, training and networking between collegiate and colleagues with a person relevant to the profession.