AQPE WEBINAR: being part of Professional Engineers!

Francesc González, AQPE’s director and a reference in the field of professional development of engineering teams, tells you everything you have to do to acredit your professional experience and start being part of the Professional Engineers community. You will be able to solve your doubts at the moment and start with the certification phases quickly and easily.

For those who have not been able to attend the webinar, or participated and want to remember what was explained, here you have the webinar retransmission in which we explain what you have to do to certify yourself as a Professional Engineer.

Webinar  10/19/2017.

Webinar  11/28/2017.


Why being a MVE (Most Valuable Engineer)?

  1. Because you will increase your value as an engineer.
  2. You will gain certificates that prove your professional career so you could manage your career as an engineer.
  3. Because the Fundació Privada Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers, internationally recognized, will accredite your capacity to act as an engineer.
  4. Because you will facilite the acces to all your documentation of engineering projects and professional experience with a link, that will expedite administrative procedures when exploring new agreements.
  5. Because you will be more recognizable by local, national and international entities.
  6. You will be more visible and will get new responsibilities in engineering projects.