AQPE, International accreditation tool for professionals and companies

The working world is increasingly competitive and it is for this reason that the technicians must be submitted with the best credentials to companies. But sometimes, having a degree is not enough. So far in our country the only way to demonstrate excellence was with studies and master’s degrees made. The Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers (AQPE) aims to add value and answer several questions: “What they are truly competent?, At what area?, What activity?”. This is what is interesting for that company or organization that will hire their services.

The AQPE is a private foundation with the mission of certifier internationally training, experience and competence of engineering professionals. This certification is a differentiator through the associated prestige ISO 17024, which aims to promote a framework, accepted globally for organizations that perform certification of persons.

Already more than 60 accredited engineers. Moreover, associated with certification, they have a QR code that allows any company to have a direct access to their qualifications and professional experience.

International Vision

Many engineers who enjoy this accreditation explain that, until they certified, had trouble abroad to understand their level of qualification and professionalism. An example is the experience lived by Jose Ma. Cots, industry engineer expert in structural. Cots explain that other countries would send their CV and other documentation but depended on the good faith of the recipient because he was not certified.

Another advantage is that all professional profiles can enjoy this international vision. At a first level, called “Junior Engineer” are professionals with less than five years of experience; two levels of “Professional Engineer” between five and ten and ten to fifteen years of experience respectively and finally a “Fellow” level for the longest experience and recognition.

The AQPE is sponsored by 15 professional schools of engineering, bringing together 50,000 engineers. The Engineering Council of Britain, with more than 222,000 registered engineers, and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), with more than 80,000 members and 200 years of history, are the organisms that have as referents.

Quality guarantee

Facilitate the certification to engineers can also convert, into the hands of the Directorate of Human Resources, an element of loyalty to retain the best people. A company that has all certified technicians can present a tender with many more guarantees of success and can be credited as an excellent supplier against its customers.

Finally, the AQPE also works as a community that brings together thousands of professionals from all branches of engineering (agronomists, roads, industrial, computer, telecommunications …) and can become an opportunity to expand the networking pretty effectively.

Do you want to know a real case?

See interview with industrial engineer José María Cots, where explains his experience with AQPE qualification. Access the interview.

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