On 19 July, the Labour headquarters hosted the Promotion Ceremony AQPE certified engineers AQUALOGY. Over a hundred people attended the event, which included speeches by Josep Manuel Basañez, vice president of Development Labour Joan Vallvé, AQPE president, Josep Oriol, vice president, and Manuel Cermerón, CEO of ‘AQUALOGY. Pere Torres, Secretary of Business and Competitiveness of the Government was in charge of closing the ceremony right after the delivery of professional certificates.

The “Agency for Qualification of Professionals Engineers” (AQPE) is a Foundation whose main purposes are the certification of engineering professionals accredited in terms of knowledge and experience in different areas (areas of activity) according to objective and standardized certification procedures and the promotion of international convergence, mainly at European level, of the qualification systems used and their mutual recognition.

AQUALOGY was the first company starting to certify their engineering professionals, using the AQPE model, on July 19, 2013 is the Professional Certificate ceremony performed in the Fomento del Trabajo headquarters in Barcelona.

Photo gallery of the ceremony is available here.