After the meetings held in 2017 and 2018 in Barcelona and Toulouse respectively, the 3rd Forum of professional certification of engineers organizations in Europe took place in Rome on May 28.

The Agenzia CERT-ING, an italian certification organism of engineering competence, was the host in the Consiglio Nazionale Ingegneri, recieving the French SNIPF Société Nationale des Ingénieurs Professionnel de France, the Dutch KIVI, the Portuguese Ordem dos Engenheiros, the German Ingenieurkammer Baden-Wurttemberg and the Spanish AQPE and AIPE.

After a day of work in which the certification systems were compared by the competences of each organization, it was agreed upon to create a Europeam Platform for the Professional Certification of Engineers, of which the first bases have already been established. The agreements of mutual recognition between the professional organizations will be bilateral, as are the ones AQPE has signed with KIVI, SNIPF and CERT-ING.

The signers of this agreement of intentions were Francisco González of AQPE, Baldomero Segura of AIPE, Gaetano Nastasi from Italy, Jean Francois Magnani from France, Micaela dos Ramos from the Netherlands, Fernando de Almeida from Portugal, and Daniel Sander of Ingenieurkammer BW.

The certification by competence of AQPE and the other entities that signed the agreement promotes a culture of professionals with skills, continued formation and experience, guaranteeing a quality service which generates security and guarantees for businesses and society.

This European platform will ease the internationalization of the engineers certified by AQPE/AIPE to be able perform their profession in Europe and viceversa, reducing the professional walls and equating the different professional certifications in Europe.

This agreement is framed within the actions of international politics directed towards archieving more ease and agility in the movility of engineers.