In an increasingly globalized world, engineering professionals are recognizing the need to expand their work frontiers. One of AQPE’s main objectives since its foundation has been to provide them with the best tools to facilitate their international mobility. Thus, engineers will be able to access more and better projects, increasing the projection of their careers exponentially.

What are the main advantages of opting for the Professional Engineer certification to enhance this aspect of their careers? Let’s take a look.

In many cases, in order to access projects abroad, it is essential to have a Chartered or Incorporated Engineer certification. Until now, many companies were forced to work with foreign engineers in order to be eligible for such opportunities.

Now, thanks to the mutual recognition between the certifications issued by the English body and AQPE, any obstacle for Spanish engineers to work abroad is eliminated. Why have an external engineer when companies will be able to certify the technical teams of their current staff?

This new reality also presents itself as a differentiating factor for all those companies wishing to open a subsidiary in another country, offering them the possibility of continuing to rely on their current teams, without the need to hire engineers from the territory in which they wish to operate.

For freelance engineers, this is also a clear advantage, as it eliminates any barriers to their professional and personal growth. The best way to add value to their careers is through international certification of their professional skills.

If you want to increase the growth of your company, or enhance your individual career, go for the Professional Engineer certification.