ACEC, as an entity that represents, promotes and defends the interests of the activity of the consulting companies, and therefore the consulting profession, along with AQPE, as an entity that aims certification of professional engineers in accordance with accredited knowledge and professional experience, have signed an agreement to develop the criteria and requirements for certifying as consultants to professionals with university degrees who are in this profession.

The agreement was signed by President of ACEC (Catalan Association of Consulting), Mr. Joan Camprubí, and the president of AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) Mr. Jordi Guix result of several work sessions made over the past year and in order that in the coming months can make certification for professional consultants reality.

This certification must serve to improve the standards and quality of consultancy, to promote growth and to facilitate recognition of the profession, and especially to be useful for the development and evolution of career consultants. Evaluating their experience and solvency, adds value to companies working with certified professionals, both for their own professional, as provided by their suppliers, contracts or tenders.

The PEQ certificate (Professional Engineer) awarding AQPE, being certified by ENAC, should be the basis of this new certification to demonstrate the competencies that are professional in the areas where have exercised and providing rigorous, accurate and fair businesses and society on the expertise of consultants.

ACEC (Associació Catalana d’Empreses Consultores) is a non-profit private organisation, that represents businesses engaged in the practise of management consulting based in Catalunya and its professionals. ACEC is the voice for consulting companies based in Catalunya, it represents the Catalan management consulting companies before institutions and the market. Moreover, its objective is to improve the standards of consultancy and its quality, to promote its development and professional recognition. The ACEC was established in 1993. It works along with the AEC (Spanish Association of Consulting Businesses) and the FEACO (European Federation on Management Consulting).

AQPE (Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers) Is a Private Foundation that aims the certification of the professionals of the engineering in function of the knowledges accredited and the professional experience in the different specialties, classified in scopes of performance, as procedures of objective certification and standardized, as well as the promotion of the international convergence, mainly European, the systems of qualification employed and his mutual recognition.