The training of a marathon runner, a cyclist or an elite athlete has some points in common with the preparation of an engineer: both of them love challenges and need years of hard work and dedication to achieve their goals. Therefore, AQPE calls you to accept the challenge of becoming a Professional Engineer. This certification was born with the objective of highlighting those engineers with an extender career. It will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition, increase your chances of success in the working market and access the greatest projects of your career at an international level. 

Just like an elite athlete is capable of running in the New York marathon or racing in the Tour of France, a Professional Engineer will be equally skilled to face the most important projects of his career. Our certification has already helped almost 200 engineers to establish an unstoppable trajectory.

“Every goal can be achieved if you fight for it.”  Fabian Cancellara

Good athletes know that in order to reach the end of each trial they need a good team behind them. Consequently, in AQPE we can join you on your way to the next level in your career as an engineer. The Professional Engineer certification offers you everything you need to reach your goal. There are almost 200 engineers that have reached the finish line with us.

I have two short term goals: To get better every day and to help my teammates get better every day”.  LeBron James

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Participating in the Olympics, finishing an elite marathon or a hard phase of a cycling tour are some of the greatest achievements an athlete can obtain. Likewise, becoming a Professional Engineer has become a great turning point in all the certificated engineers’ careers. Keep on running with us to become the engineer you always wanted to be.

“The difference between winning and not winning is not giving up.”  Núria Picas

Even the best athletes in the world need the support that only a great team is able to bring. If you want to advance at a steady pace in your career, you can’t keep running alone. Join the group of the Professional Engineers and become an elite engineer.

“I built my talents on the shoulders of someone else’s talent”.  Michael Jordan

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All elite athletes need years of preparation and hard work to reach their full potential. At the same time, values like sacrifice and diligence are the mark of the path of an engineer. Because of that, AQPE wants to be by your side to help you reach the next phase of your career. Becoming a Professional Engineer has been a safe path towards differentiation and professional recognition for all certificated engineers.

“Success doesn’t come by accident. It’s hard work, perseverance, sacrifice and most important: love for what you do”.  Pelé

Both a high competition athlete and an engineer share the same goal: to reach the limit of their potential to become the best version of themselves. With the Professional Engineer certification you’ll be much closer to this goal, because it will bring you a direct differentiation from the rest of competitors, an internationally approved recognition, and an unbeatable letter of presentation for the best companies of our sector.

“It’s so hard to beat a person that never gives up”.  Babe Ruth

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