Many professionals in the world of engineering, in any of its fields, advance in their professional career without really taking the helm of it. We all know that an engineer’s career is driven by a multitude of factors. At times, we may find ourselves involved in projects in which we would never have thought of participating, and we make decisions depending on the opportunities that come our way.

While we cannot bring about a substantial change in these circumstances, there are several practices we can undertake to positively condition our career and take it to the desired level.

How can we enhance our careers as engineers?

The answer to this question is not a single recipe, but a set of good habits. Although some of the items in the following list may be familiar to some of you, periodically compiling a collection of ideas and tips always helps us to reflect and improve.

For example, we all know what lifestyle we should lead for good physical health, but we often fail to put it into practice. Similarly, it is useful to remember these observations to encourage us to keep moving forward as professionals and as people.

We are convinced that following these tips will help you to significantly enhance your career.

1: The current labor scenario is marked by a maelstrom of new and changing circumstances. Therefore, any competent professional must flee from the old paradigm that preached that job training ended the moment a degree was obtained. In an increasingly VUCA world, it is not only your current skills that are important. The capacity for continuous learning and training has become an essential element to move our careers in the desired direction.

2: In order to be happy in this dynamic, it is essential that we are passionate about what we do. This fact should not only be a means to be more productive, but an end in itself. Ideally, we should try to focus on what we really like. We can think of no better recipe for continuous learning not to be a burden, but a pleasure.

3: Another relevant factor is the fact of walking in our path with the right speed, without skipping stages that can lay the foundations of our future success. It is very important to know the pillars of our profession in order to move forward towards new and better opportunities. It is not appropriate to reject them at an early stage of our career, but to make the most of what each project can offer us.

4: Setting personal goals when facing each new stage can also become an important success factor, and a catalyst for further career advancement. In any sector, it is really difficult to reach the job in which we would like to be all our lives. Therefore, it is ideal to set learning and improvement goals to make the most of each project and continue advancing on our path.

5: On the other hand, we should not hesitate to attend engineering forums, meetings or seminars whenever we have the opportunity. It is especially common, despite a full schedule of commitments, for the engineer to feel satisfied by attending such meetings. It is very likely that at least one of the ideas presented there can benefit us in terms of growth in our professional career.

6: Another fundamental aspect is the engineer’s struggle to improve his or her skills day by day through time, experience and continuous learning, as mentioned above.

In addition to professional skills, focused on the field of work we have chosen, qualities such as interpersonal skills, the ability to lead a team of people, communication skills and resource management in each project are becoming increasingly important. At the same time, our professional performance is expected to be ethical in all areas, respectful of the environment and aimed at improving people’s lives. We must not forget also to ensure safety at work in any project in which we are involved. A right that becomes a duty for an engineer.

7; Finally, we must remember that we are in an increasingly competitive sector, in which we must not only be competent, but also be able to prove it. For this, our degree (which all our colleagues have) is not enough.

Undoubtedly, the best way to achieve it is through a professional certification of competencies, as it is already common in the countries around us in Europe and increasingly in our country.

Large companies are already betting on certifying their technicians, demonstrating the human quality of the organization, although individually, more and more engineers are certifying as Professional Engineer due to the international recognition it gives them. In this way, they have seen an exponential increase in their job opportunities abroad, helping them to expand their recruitment horizons globally. In addition, the certification means for them a direct differentiation with respect to other engineers that opens doors to better projects.

We hope these tips have been useful for you. For more information about the Professional Engineer certification, and the advantages it can offer for your career, feel free to visit our website.