Professional certification, such as emitted by AQPE, is increasingly recognized nationally and internationally, and is a way to gain visibility and demonstrate professional excellence accredited by a third party. For companies which want to hire an engineer and need to be sure that apart from knowledge and experience, they have the necessary professional skills. For the Administration that is already interested in the certification as an element to consider in the assessment of the proposals of the companies that present their projects and technical teams in the processes of public bidding. And for society in general, in any scope in which the engineer participates, because the certification also guarantees an ethical and respectful action with the safety of people and the environment.

This has already been recognized by some insurers such as LLOYDS, by the moment, for professionals insured through the Mutual Engineers, but surely the model will be extended to all the rest during 2017, already recognizes this excellence, applying a bonus of 30 % in professional indemnity extension  policies (RCP) for AQPE certified engineers.